The Game

The Game

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  • 2h 30m
  • Action, Drama
  • 2D
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I.P Ajay and I.P Vijay are two friends. They work in the police station under the OIC of Samaradivakara. One day, a sudden phone call to Samaradivakara says that Ajay has information about a mysterious murder. But since Ajay was not at the police station at that time and due to the importance of the information, Samaradiwakara ordered Wije to appear as Ajay and obtain the information. Reluctantly, Vijay agrees and goes to meet Ganga, who makes the phone call as Ajay. There Wije gets to know some very important information. That is, the main suspect wanted in connection with an elite assassination planned by an extremist gang is identified across the rivers. Meanwhile, a detective named Johnny chases after the extremist leader Siam. Based on the information obtained by Siam and Wije, the security forces are able to nab the main suspect wanted by the intelligence unit. Meanwhile, Vijay starts a love affair with Ganga and Ajay starts a love affair with Vijay's sister. Meanwhile, one day Vijay is killed .extremist leader Siam brings Tiger with his daughter to Colombo from Nuwara Eliya to reach his target. Siam, who is about to assassinate a powerful aristocrat through Tiger, behaves in such a way that it is difficult for him to reach his goal. Who is this Tiger? Who was the dignitary who went to assassinate him? What happened to S.I Ajay? All this game through "THE GAME".

Directed by

Suranga de Alwis

Written by

Nadeesha Samith