Today (13.12.2019) Lite cinemas opened the premier show of Maardani 2 movie at Sky Lite, Matara; honoring the police and the female police carder in Sri Lanka.  We foresee that the movies are not only to talk of the act and monitory performance, but we believe in the message there in, hence we have open our platforms for discussions on the subject matters with our patrons.

 Mrs. WKR Damayanthi;  Women Chief Inspector/Women and children bureau, took the opportunity to give insight of child abuses and rape cases in Sri Lanka.  She enlightened the fact that any abuse case has two parties, A victim and an abuser.  Both lives in one environment.  Therefore it is the responsibility of the parents to identify possible environments and separate their children from the situations. 

 Lite cinemas of Movie Works also have taken initiative to give a study on abuses and rape cases in Sri Lanka, and in our neighboring country.  The following video is the opening for the Maardani 2 which is greatly acted by Raani Mukherji.

 Come, Watch Mardaani 2, a movie by Yash Raj films.